Gathering 2018


Please click here to read the Invite to the 2018 Easter Gathering.

Please click here to read the Invite to the 2018 Easter Gathering.

Please click here to read the Invite to the 2018 Easter Gathering.

Please click here to read the Invite to the 2018 Easter Gathering.


Terms and Conditions for 2018 NEMAS Easter Gathering


NEMAS Easter Gathering combat standards must be adhered to.

Any person deemed dangerous to themselves or others, may be removed from the field and refused combat for the entirety of the weekend.

The Marshall’s decision is final and must be adhered to. Refusal to follow the Marshall’s direction will result in removal from the field.

 All combat and other activities are “at your own risk” NEMAS takes every precaution to ensure safety and is not liable for any accident or injury sustained by attendees at the event.

All involvement in the NEMAS Easter Gathering is voluntary and entered into at your own risk. NEMAS takes no responsibility in the event of accident or injury including but not limited to permanent disability or death.  

This event is open to re-enactors only and authentic garb and gear are a requirement. Modern clothing and equipment including but not limited to modern shoes, glasses, watches, cameras etc. must be hidden at all times. Failure to dress appropriately and/or consistently having modern objects in view will result in the offending attendee being asked to leave. Refunds for attendee’s negligence in this area will not be given

Physical or verbal violence will not be tolerated. Any violent or abusive behaviour will result in offending attendee being ejected from event with out refund. Violent offenders may be banned from all future NEMAS events.

Volunteers must attend their allotted shifts on time, failure to attend their shift will result in the volunteer being required to pay full ticket price. Refusal to pay will result in the said volunteer being ejected from event and possibly banned from future events.

All volunteers will be required to submit a Volunteer Working With Children Check number, their full name and Date of Birth, failure to present WWCC number as set out by the volunteer coordinator will result in volunteer status being revoked and attendee being required to pay full price.

All ticket sales are final and non refundable. In the event of extreme circumstances, applications may be made to the NEMAS committee with evidence, for a refund. This will be assessed and all decisions are final

All children are the responsibility of their parent or guardian. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, at all times.


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